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Hi, welcome to Smart Eats & Treats! I’m Judy Hawkins, and I have a passion for food. Everything we bring into our bodies has an effect, so let’s pay attention to what we are doing! 


Years ago, I became frustrated with diets presenting themselves as the only solution. Nothing worked for me, so I ended up hopping from one to the next feeling frustrated. Either I was always hungry, or the food was bland, so I began charting my own way... And now I help others do the same!

My Story

As a nutrition coach, I help people put together meal strategies that work for them. Some people do well on a very regimented diet, while others need some freedom. I balance the goals of the individual (weight loss, boosting energy, decreasing sodium intake) with their food preferences and lifestyle in order to make solutions that work for them. 

In order to reach more people, I now run this website. I also send my advice and ideas out via email to those who are interested. I’ve found this to be the simplest and most effective way to reach people :). 

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